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Articles can be written only in English. All articles will be reviwed by our support team. Only articles about PipsTycoon economy / gameplay will be paid. Depending on the quality you can receive between $ 0.1 and...More
Articles can be written only in English. All articles will be reviwed by our support team. Only articles about PipsTycoon economy / gameplay will be paid. Depending on the quality you can receive between $ 0.1 and $ 1 for an aproved article. You can also address other topics such as financial news and tutorials but remember that only articles written in English with no spelling errors and quality content will be aproved. Less

Pipstycoon should move to blockchain. ICO ahead?

Written by PipsTycoon support team 6 months ago
Pipstycoon is one of the best concept around, winning actually 1st place award for most promising projects on first attempt to show it to small angel investors meeting. We believe that the game can benefit better if we switch to crypto currency and blockchain for many reasons. Let's try to discover together this opportunity, and feel free to contact me for proposals
Before we start I would like to underline that we are very carefully to bring nothing else but advantages for all our players and supporters. We know the potential of this game and we know that only few resources are keeping us apart from reaching the development goals and make it to grow on a huge scale.
We worked very hard last year and half to bring internal economic system to a proven original stable stage with many features implemented and self regulatory mechanics. Such changes are not even reflected on the landing page, and new players discover that PipsTycoon is much more than anticipated.
What If we are daring to hope for more? ICO is on everybody's tongue nowadays. Bitcoin grown as never and keep looking upwards long-term. ICO can cover all remaining development to introduce wanted features Arena, Events, PVP fights, Research system, Guilds and Bases, New Graphic, Real Time Wars between players with custom weaponry and Private Armies. A question player will rise is what about in-game money? An ICO will make a new coin to be very very valuable for initial investors and I can assure you that PipsTycoon players will receive the equivalent of their $ in the new coin at initial prices. Those who will have deposits in PipsTycoon before ICO time, will receive the best conversion possible, and worldwide auction for coin will go only upwards! The final launch value for the new coin established when ICO ends will be X times more than your current belongings, final price will be set as initial for international crypto exchanges allowing you to have big profits as a side reward for being with us for such a long time near having fun. You can participate at this stage by spreading the word,offering your experience, by any amount in donations in any crypto currency supported by Poloniex, (a wallet page will be added and you can already ask me), by making deposits (for your own in-game use) that will help us initiate this endeavor.
How a new coin will help the game:
-will open the game for thousands of crypto market investors.
-will set the game currency with PipsCoin, allowing us to add many fast and modern deposit options, better interchangeability and near instant withdrawals
-being initially a small value coin by design means that for 1$ you will receive big amounts like 1000 or 10000 PipsCoin. That means that all PipsTycoon features will become very easy to use for newcomers raising the involvement level to an unprecedented scale. They will have huge salaries on work, and will afford to participate to all economic and strategy games, to advertise business. Companies will have huge and often sales, profits on volume, players will afford to equip themselves with clothes, houses, food, weapons, armors
-listing the new coin outside PipsTycoon will attract media attention, will bring players in-game that have directly crypto coins of their own
-we bring transparency to a new level, allowing anyone to audit Pipstycoon as being the most transparent and reliable economic system based on a sustainable model.
-we can think even to have a mechanism that allow players to actually "mine" new coins only by keeping the game opened in browser, so they win money also just being around.
-Game Shares (GSHA) from Partners menu will split, for each ONE current share you will receive 10 or 100 (tbd), so BUY NOW. I remind you that PipsTycoon site will collect all its tiny but often income directly into the Game Fund that will distribute the budget on monthly basis to all shareholders. Own a portion of PipsTycoon! Being more and cheaper shares will be traded heavily ingame, on huge volumes for profits. Monthly dividends will rise a lot. Game budgets will be huge, and all bonuses will grow a lot.
-you will be able soon to trade many crypto pairs
-blockchain technologies will slowly replace in-game mechanics to a level that will allow outside people to interact with Pipstycoon and buy assets even without being in game.
-will allow conversions and transfers of values to and from any other game that adopt this crypto coin.
-it is not yet determined at this stage if will be token or mineable coin. Being mineable means that you can obtain coins with your PC or GPU that you can add them ingame anytime or sell them directly on international markets
-external partnerships can greatly extend the value of PipsCoin, to use it outside the game. Same, there are no limits of features and products that can be added to PipsTycoon platform as well. from cheap vacations paid with PipsCoin to real life goods.
Leaving you to think and imagine the possibilities - use Contact Us or contact OldDeath player for Q&A and concrete activities.


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  Make your own weapon  
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  Lets make this game great  
  come buy a cheap drop and help this game great. it help to make more workplaces  

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