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Articles can be written only in English. All articles will be reviwed by our support team. Only articles about PipsTycoon economy / gameplay will be paid. Depending on the quality you can receive between $ 0.1 and...More
Articles can be written only in English. All articles will be reviwed by our support team. Only articles about PipsTycoon economy / gameplay will be paid. Depending on the quality you can receive between $ 0.1 and $ 1 for an aproved article. You can also address other topics such as financial news and tutorials but remember that only articles written in English with no spelling errors and quality content will be aproved. Less

Improved rules on work, tax and price reductions

Written by PipsTycoon support team 2 years ago
To sustain new players activity we came with a set of strong economic measures, including and not limited to tax reductions allowing much more free work processes and big reduction cost for all energy products. Best times are coming for both players and investors.
After reviewing new players activity, and a number of feedbacks from them detailing the obstacles they met, we installed a package of measures, stimulating free players but also investors, in creating more buyers for the products they create and of course more cheaper products for our citizens.

So, from now on we created a mechanism that take in account also the salary situation on market in restricting or expanding the number of free work processes for new players and for players that were inactive a while. The new permissive mechanism allow new players to work 10 up to 40 days (!) without work fees, depending on the salaries on the market and their work history. When this happen, you will see a yellow badge on work button. We need to remind you that having energy is in your best interest, but also we have to sustain you in gathering first resources to actually BUY energy products from market. Bigger energy means bigger daily bonus, bigger salary, bigger income from refs, fights. This way even investing few $ directly will be a predictable good investment, active players will have profits. If players invest on their own will in energy, this means also that probably they will not see at all work fee requirements and they can imply in work on daily basis.

This way a new player can gather guaranteed income from 2 sources (3 very soon, still surprise :D) - daily activity energy bonus meaning bigger the energy bigger this bonus collected daily, and of course salary. The third one will come very soon in a form of rewarded tasks allowing much more income for all players and good opportunity for your external business.

Another major change is a list of tax reductions, operated today varying from 20 to 30% tax deduction on the following products: Iron, gold, silver, platinum, jewelry repair kits,company factories, plastic, bricks

The measure will trigger a chain reaction in several production cycles since iron is very very important, reducing the price of production tools and therefore of all products by extension, hopefully not affecting too much budget income because of higher volumes sold.

All products will decrease their end prices, leading to a new economic stage, easiness to buy energy products for regular use. Budget is stable, so increasing to 1000$ will trigger a cool 0.02$ (2$ daily at 100 energy) + frenzy production.

Factory buildings near cheaper transfer taxes, production recipe made cheaper are now lasting longer, encouraging players to have and run companies. Mines are operating now with 50% cheaper licenses, so jewelries will be also cheaper due to cheaper raw and costs.

This is just a supplement near the fight news coming hopefully in less than a week!

Enjoy spring news and start your investments!


Administration team


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