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Articles can be written only in English. All articles will be reviwed by our support team. Only articles about PipsTycoon economy / gameplay will be paid. Depending on the quality you can receive between $ 0.1 and...More
Articles can be written only in English. All articles will be reviwed by our support team. Only articles about PipsTycoon economy / gameplay will be paid. Depending on the quality you can receive between $ 0.1 and $ 1 for an aproved article. You can also address other topics such as financial news and tutorials but remember that only articles written in English with no spelling errors and quality content will be aproved. Less

PipsTycoon is celebrating a Year of Renaissance

Written by PipsTycoon support team 3 years ago
One year ago in November a new team took over PipsTycoon development with a complete new vision. We are celebrating now reducing withdrawal limit back to 50$ as promised and a very special load offer for all players for your joy!
When we started this huge project, we had a clear vision: PipsTycoon will become as soon possible the first Gamified Business platform, on healthy economic basis, embedding role play game to grow your hero, fights, upgrade gear, guilds with private bases as countries, wars and a lot of fun near economic simulation.
We added a lot of features to self-balance the economy, favoring up-trends and supporting downtrends, with a membership subscription model, shop offers, selling advertising outside business banners for anyone interested, distribution of game income between partner fund and bonus fund, all for long term stability and steady growing.
Few remembers, but looking back we are proud of the changes, improvements and value added to our great game. We have now a steady economy having fixed and changed more than 700 software change requests.
What comes? Stay close and you will see Arena, regular Events, Research, Base introduction and Guilds that will carry Wars with customized weaponry in real time style. A new graphic project will start in 2017 for more attractive layout and clean design. On business level, you will see soon geo-targeted advertising model, a re-shaped Game Shares market in partners menu after split (1 GSHA share will become 100, and if they cost lets say 0.3$ new price will be 0.003$ therefore will be a lot of intraday transactions, many players will be able to buy shares even from salary or daily bonus. Withdrawal limit will be lowered even more for upgraded accounts up to instant BTC withdrawal.
Bigger investors can own shares of this great game,supporting us to implement faster our development plan. You can contact OldDeath if you are one, represent an investment fund, venture capital or want to become one of key shareholders.
You are now encouraged in your investment plan even as simple player, there are plenty of opportunities in the game, varying from running companies, advertising for referrals and selling them on market, trading currencies, investing in funds, trading game shares, fighting valuable mobs or even as passive income investor in shares of active companies or game shares (that transparently collect all game income and distribute it to all shareholders monthly).
Check our Anniversary Banner and choose your best deposit. You can use Resellers for deposit, the offer is valid and automatically applied! If your current membership is higher than the free one, only the free weapon is received. In case of same upgrade level, membership is prolonged one more month, and if is higher new membership is applied.

Happy anniversary!

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