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Articles can be written only in English. All articles will be reviwed by our support team. Only articles about PipsTycoon economy / gameplay will be paid. Depending on the quality you can receive between $ 0.1 and...More
Articles can be written only in English. All articles will be reviwed by our support team. Only articles about PipsTycoon economy / gameplay will be paid. Depending on the quality you can receive between $ 0.1 and $ 1 for an aproved article. You can also address other topics such as financial news and tutorials but remember that only articles written in English with no spelling errors and quality content will be aproved. Less

Welcome to the braves land-Let the Fights begin :)

Written by PipsTycoon support team 3 years ago
Fights are enabled starting today, so you will be able to train your hero against mobs. You will find a cool surprise in My Hero menu, a freebie weapon was given to all currently registered accounts to celebrate this event.
Starting today we are excited to introduce you the fights against mobs. The fight menu will be enabled, and everybody can start his hero career! Don’t forget to work at least ONCE to make the first level-up and be able to wear weapons. To celebrate the release event we are giving a free weapon to all players currently registered until today, that will allow you feel the taste of the fights and gain first experience points and level ups and also win the first drops and money rewards!
We worked a lot to create a fighting environment like no other in real-cash economy games. Fights will have some similarities with classic gen-re web based RPG: Diablo, World of Warcraft, Mafia Wars, Ai-War, Bitefight, becoming attractive for genre lovers (have you felt already where you can find great referrals? :P). Your hero can level up and you can wisely use the points based on your personal strategy. Up to level 10 you will be able to freely reset your stats anytime, and use your points in different ways to test new strategies. After level 10 reset will be available through shop. Your gear will improve day by day and soon you will want to fight against other players for money and glory! You will be able to participate events and competitions proving your skills!
Why I want to fight? Near the fact that is cool to have a strong hero, fighting against mobs is the first step for bigger rewards. Your training begins here! You will win money from time to time dropping from cyber-mobs, there are hundreds of money prizes and levels generated from the Fight Budget (do not forget about having high energy to maximize income). You will start receiving from winning fights drops, pieces of equipment, items used in weapon upgrades recipe and life vials that will help you later win important battles. You will have a story to tell, and you will be able soon to save your best fight story on your profile for your enemies to fear!
Fight budget is designed in such a way that will never get depleted and always when grow, grows more then last one, ensuring long-term great and incredible prizes. Will be fueled by all fight related activities and companies, license re-renewals, weapon taxes, upgrading taxes, and black market taxes. Some higher prizes will be available only to players wearing equipment with special option +drop, so be sure you will have such a set ready.
Your high scores will be forever written in PipsTycoon history, and your best results will impress your friends and players. You will seek and look for items with special options, some of them of uttermost importance in different battles. Crafting these weapons will allow you to upgrade them to higher and higher levels up to +15 in the artifact machine, and such weapons will be desired and envied, not to mention that wearing them you are most likely to win more and more money and fights. Upgraded weapons can be sold soon on Black market, craftsmanship is a new occupation in Pipstycoon!
The battle trunk that is already visible have no effect at the moment, being prepared for player versus player duels. We will start placing some tool-tip boxes around, but we want most of the players to explore, and discover the possible strategies and opportunities. This is a totally new world inside PipsTycoon, that will keep you online for days :)
Have fun and tell us your great fighting moments!

Best regards
Administration Team

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  Come here buy weapon and fight with mob Reward money.Better weapon bigger money  
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  here you may buy upgrade wepon. Better weapon is more earning and drop in fight  
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  We need more resellers from different countries. Contact OldDeath for details  
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  Buy weapons and shields, upgrade in Artifact Machine, fight for money and items  
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