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  • pablo killed a Small ghost wolf with a value of $0.08
  • Trader killed a Raged Snail with a value of $0.04
  • Trader killed a Raged Snail with a value of $0.08
  • Trader killed a Raged Snail with a value of $0.08
  • mahmoud killed a Smelly Worm with a value of $0.04
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  • pablo killed a Small ghost wolf with a value of $0.04
  • Trader killed a Raged Snail with a value of $0.04

Company Overview
Black Iron (FIER1)
Iron is used in production of wood, stone, clay, cars, precious metals and office furniture. It is also used in construction and weapons. You will need natural gas, oil and electricity as raw materials.
Owner : olddeath
  Expire   Balance   Workplaces   Share Price  
  4 days   $5.08   2   $0.00  
  Renew Now   USD   workplaces   per share  

Your company MAIN LICENSE expires in 4 days. You need to renew the company by pressing Renew or your company will be deleted. If a company is deleted, all workplaces, production licenses, shares or stocks will be also

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